The timeline above shows the way forward from now until we are ready to move in for our first full Sunday morning meeting. This is highly theoretical and a “best case” scenario at the moment, but could be achievable subject to finance being available, and availability of building contractors during the school summer holidays (they can often be tied up with school refurb work then). The contract works will be quite extensive and will include:

  • New fire exits and ramps for disabled access
  • Creating a completely new level floor, including uprated foundations
  • Creating a new inner foyer area and installing new WC facilities and a coffee bar area
  • Works to restore the original barrel ceiling, and attending to other general repairs that are required to the fabric of the building
  • Electrical installation work, including lighting and new ring mains
  • Installation of new heating system
  • Painting and decorating

Though the above will be contracted out, there will still be lots of scope to get involved. We still have lots to do to finish clearing the site in preparation – so please continue to offer your services to Jake to help complete this. There will also be lots of preparation work to turn the completed building into a church resource fit for the King of kings, this will include technical installations (sound, light and AV), furnishings and lots of things I’ve not yet thought of.

You’ll also note the timeline shows what has already been achieved (i.e. to the left of “today”), in addition to which can be added: asbestos surveys and removal; flood risk assessments, design reviews; preparation of planning applications; organising utilities; car park clearing etc etc, and there are many people in the fellowship who have served sacrificially in making this happen.

Iain Salter